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Acta Non Verba Knives

ANV A100 DLC Magnacut ANVA100-007

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ANV: Lightweight 3D profiled GRN handles. Frozen blade. Fully reversible design. All of these elements make the A100 the perfect EDC ready for your everyday adventures.

It is clear to us that an EDC folding knife can only be really good if it combines several key functions. It has to be light, comfortable to hold, reliable and pleasant to look at and play with. We think the A100 combines all of this perfectly. Its 3D profiled and shaped handles made of GRN material are super light, durable and very comfortable. The A100's blade is made from Magnacut, one of the most popular "super steels" currently available. The entire structure is secured with a right-left, secure and extremely user-friendly Alock. The A100 also features a contrasting red floating backspacer that doubles as a palm support and a pass-through for a bow or talisman.


Blade steel: Magnacut
Blade length: 88 mm
Blade thickness: 3.0 mm

Handle material: GRN
Total length: 210 mm

Weight: 72 grams