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Bradford Knives

Bradford Guardian 3 Nimbus 3D G-Wood BRAD3FE115NA Böhler AEB-L

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The Bradford Guardian 3 is an ideal everyday knife. A 3.5-inch fixed blade knife with full tang, the Guardian3 is a great tool that can be easily carried and hidden on your belt so you can use it throughout the day.

Designed for years of everyday use, this knife is available in 13 different colors. The Böhler AEB-L blade stays sharp for a long time and rarely needs to be sharpened. It has a 3-inch cutting edge and an overall length of 6.5 inches.

The knife comes standard with a horizontal leather sheath for the right hand. "Oiled" brown sheath for the blades with stonewash and Nimbus finish, black leather sheath for the black DLC blades.


Blade steel: Böhler AEB-L
Blade length: 89 mm
Blade thickness: 3.4 mm

Handle material: G Wood
Total length: 171 mm

Weight: 200 grams