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Extrema Ratio

Extrema Ratio Dobermann IV Africa Böhler N690

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DOBERMANN IV Africa is a knife dedicated to hunting professionals.

It is equipped with a Santos Rosewood handle and a blade made of Böhler N690 steel, the time-tested Austrian steel enriched with chromium, vanadium, molybdenum and cobalt. Used by Extrema Ratio to produce its blades, this steel is characterized by the perfect balance between hardness, resistance and resilience, which are essential to obtain effective and long-lasting sharpening.

Dobermann IV Africa is sold with an additional Forprene handle, necessary for carrying out jobs that wood cannot withstand due to its structure – the Rosewood handle is obviously softer than a high-performance steel like our N690.

In case of heavy use in Bushcraft and Survival mode, such as for batoning and chopping, the wooden handle must be replaced with the Forprene handle. The user will be able to change the grip easily depending on the needs.

The knife also comes with an Italian-made leather sheath, a sharpening stone and a steel wedge.


Blade steel: Böhler N690
Blade length: 185 mm
Blade thickness: 6.3 mm

Handle material: Rosewood and Forprene
Total length: 337 mm

Weight: 368 grams