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Extrema Ratio

Extrema Ratio Satre Stone Washed Böhler N690

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Satre is a pocket-sized, light and extremely resistant fixed blade knife. Given its characteristics, it can be employed in a large variety of activities and fields, including survival and bushcraft, or it can be part of an EDC kit (Every Day Carry). It was designed in collaboration with Daniele Dal Canto, a Master Advanced instructor. It can be worn as a neck knife thanks to its Paracord 550 lanyard. This way, it is possible to keep it vertical with the handle facing down. The pre-shaped Kydex sheath has eyelets, allowing to apply both lanyard and accessory holder. The ULTICLIP carry solution will be available from January 2022 (only on This allows to clip the sheath together with not only belts, but also pockets, trousers, jackets, shirts and t-shirts. ULTICLIP gives the possibility to position the knife both vertically and horizontally and allows a more accessible use for left and right handed. All three versions of the Satre come with the black sheath. Desert sheath can be purchased as an extra. The full-tang skeletonized structure allows the customization of the knife by using the Paracord as an handle cover. Satre is available in three versions with two different kinds of steel: The Black and Stone Washed versions are made with heat-treated Böhler N690 steel at 58 HRC. This material was chosen for its resistance to oxidation, for the durability of its edge and especially for its reliability, which has been proven over the years. The Black S600 is made with Böhler S600 steel instead. This steel is used for the manufacturing of metalwork and stamp creation tools. It has excellent qualities in terms of hardness, wear resistance and toughness thanks to the presence of molybdenum, tungsten and a significant add of vanadium to its chemical composition. The presence of cobalt stimulates the growth of small uniformly-distributed carbides, which enhance wear resistance. The Satre S600 is thermally and cryogenically treated in order to obtain an exceptional hardness of 64 HRC. This also makes it very resistant to wear and gives the edge a lasting sharpening. The Böhler S600 has 4.5% of chrome, which makes it oxidizable. For this reason, Extrema Ratio has chosen the new EXP DARK finishing. For its extreme hardness and resistance to wear and abrasion this steel is not easy to sharp. We suggest using our Double Grain Sharpener to be able to keep the edge of your Satre extremely sharp at any time.


Blade steel: Böhler N690
Blade length: 70 mm
Blade thickness: 5.0 mm

Handle material: Böhler N690
Total length: 163 mm

Weight: 80 grams

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