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Fällkniven A1 A1xb - X-Series - Expedition Knife Zytel, Lam. CoS

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The A1Xb is one of the strongest, sharpest and safest stainless steel knives. When your life is in danger, you can always rely on the X-Knife. It is designed to withstand all the stresses placed on it by the human hand and is therefore almost indestructible.

The basis of the strength of the Combined with the hand-formed convex edge, the X-Knife is a concept that outshines much else in the world when it comes to safety and comfort.
A few words about the all-black version: This surface is the hardest that we know of. During testing, Fällkniven tried to wear off the black coating with the hardest and driest curly birch they could find. Failed to get holes in this extremely hard, durable surface. Of course, Fällkniven cannot guarantee that it will last forever. But you've probably never experienced a harder surface, the hardness is 2400 HV (Vickers) or around HRC 83!!!

Fällkniven X-Series (Model F1, S1, A1) - Lam. CoS blade steel - new Zytel sheath


Blade steel: Lam. CoS
Blade length: 161 mm
Blade thickness: 7.0 mm

Handle material: Thermorun
Total length: 284 mm

Weight: 401 grams