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Fällkniven F1 F1proElmax, Elmax

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Note: The first edition of 1,000 pieces has a laser engraving with “Test Series” on the blade. This is a regular model. The models we currently offer are from this limited first edition. Only while stocks last!

From April 2022, the Fällkniven F1PRO10 from the X series will also be available with Swedish Elmax blade steel, item number F1proElmax
There are survival knives and there are professional survival knives. The F1, S1 and A1 models have so far provided first-class service due to their excellent quality. Despite this great success, Fällkniven strived for improvement and began developing an improved version in 2010. 5 years later the development was successfully completed. The result of this is the Fällkniven Pro series, which significantly raises the standard for all manufacturers of survival knives. The Pro Series is available for the F1, S1 and A1.


Blade steel: Elmax
Blade length: 100 mm
Blade thickness: 5.0 mm

HRC: 61-62 HRC
Handle material: Thermorun
Total length: 217 mm

Weight: 174 grams

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Super Service, sehr schnelle Lieferung

Sehr nettes Team, extrem schnelle und verlässliche Lieferung und natürlich ein tolles Messer. Vielen Dank