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Fällkniven NL4L Northern Light - Frej, VG10W Steel

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In Norse legends, Frey was the god of peace, but also the god who ruled over fertility and prosperity. He was king of the trolls and elves, creatures that until recently were an everyday part of rural life. The NL4 Frey is not just a beautiful knife - because the blade is made of laminated VG10W steel, the knife is relatively strong and doesn't seem bulky at all. Nothing has been spared in the Northern Light series to make the knife as strong, beautiful and comfortable as possible. The knife is a joy to look at and a dream to use.

The NL4L with Lam. VG10 has been discontinued, the NL4L with VG10W (tungsten was added to increase the stability of the blade) is the successor. The item number remains the same.


Blade steel: Lam. VG10W
Blade length: 130 mm
Blade thickness: 5.0 mm

Handle material: leather
Total length: 244 mm

Weight: 190 grams