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Fällkniven SK2L - Embla, Lam. CoS, Desert Ironwood

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The design of this beautiful hunting knife follows the basic principles of Swedish minimalism - that the design should be simple, neat and functional. The SK2L Embla with Lam. CoS blade steel and handle made of desert ironwood.

To this minimalist foundation, Fällkniven adds laminated CoS (cobalt steel), known for its ability to maintain excellent sharpness for a long time. If you're tired of knives that dull instantly, the SK2 Embla is one of the best options. Of course, the cutting edge is convex, as is typical for Fällkniven. Desert ironwood was chosen as the handle material, an extremely hard and compact wood that is so dense that it does not float in water. A black, low-hanging leather sheath houses the knife when not in use.


Blade steel: Lam. CoS
Blade length: 100 mm
Blade thickness: 4.5 mm

Handle material: Desert Ironwood
Total length: 212 mm

Weight: 164 grams