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LionSteel M5B G10 Sleipner

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The M5 is a fixed blade knife that was born to be easy to carry, yet very reliable for any outdoor and camping use due to its large blade. The M5 is equipped with a Sleipner blade, available in either satin or black with PVD and stone wash treatment, and it is manufactured with three different handles: olive wood, santos wood, black G10, green canvas. The handle is attached with stainless steel Torx T8 screws. The M5 is suitable for a variety of camping applications, for example cutting branches or processing food. Its average dimensions and reduced weight make this knife an excellent all-round tool, ideal for any outdoor activity. The M5 was designed by Molletta and comes with a leather sheath for the wooden models and a Cordura sheath for the G10 and canvas models.


Blade steel: Sleipner
Blade length: 115 mm
Blade thickness: 4.5 mm

Handle material: Black G-10
Total length: 241 mm

Weight: 200 grams