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Acta Non Verba Knives

ANV M311 Spelter ELMAX DLC Topo black micarta ANVM311-004

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We developed the M311 SPELTER knife in collaboration with members of forward air reconnaissance units, close protection teams and special aviation operations. Members of the military and security community also took part in the creation of the knife.

When developing the knife, we focused on using their experiences and requirements. Thanks to this unique collaboration, we had the opportunity to actually check the quality of the materials chosen, the execution and the overall workmanship of the product. The knife was tested over a long period of time in an extreme environment and under various climatic conditions from hot, dry or humid parts of Asia to the icy areas behind the Arctic Circle. We make its blade from one of the best steels in the world, the Swedish Elmax. This tip steel runs through the entire body of the knife, all the way to the end of the handle, which is equipped with a tip for breaking glass. We cover the blade with the extremely durable DLC (Diamond-like Carbon) surface treatment, which minimizes reflections, prevents corrosion and gives the steel surface excellent sliding properties. We manufacture the handle using 3D turning from the material Micarta, which fits perfectly in the hand thanks to its shape and grooves and gives the knife a proper grip in every situation. The knife is equipped with a paracord safety bracelet to prevent it from falling out of your hand during cutting techniques. The entire construction is held together by a combination of solid threaded sleeves and four M5 screws, which also have the DLC treatment. We ensure comfortable, reliable and safe carrying of the knife with a self-locking Kydex sheath, which is equipped with openings for clamping on the Blade-Tech system, which allows it to be carried on both the MOLLE and PALS tactical systems. The large drain opening allows for easy and quick maintenance of the sheath. Together with the Kydex sheath, we provide a hanger for convenient carrying on a belt.


Blade steel: Elmax
Blade length: 120 mm
Blade thickness: 5.0 mm

Handle material: Micarta
Total length: 275 mm

Weight: 286 grams