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Acta Non Verba Knives

ANV P200 Sleipner cerakote black, coarse black ANVP200-034

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Anyone who cares about themselves outdoors values ​​reliability and unquestionable functionality. The P200 finds its greatest strength in its overall simplicity. The high cut in combination with a thin steel profile are a basic parameter for an excellent cutting tool. In addition, the P200 in combination with the Sleipner steel does not shy away from the most demanding conditions far from home. When traveling on your own, every gram counts, the flat G10 handle and the compact size of the P200 ensure that you will never be disappointed by your partner in this regard.


Blade steel: Sleipner
Blade length: 100 mm
Blade thickness: 3.5 mm

Handle material: G10 coarse black
Total length: 220 mm

Weight: 156 grams