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Spartan Blades

Spartan Blades - George Raider Dagger - SK5

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The Spartan-George Raider was designed by Les George, prolific Knife Maker and former U.S. Marine as an homage to the Legendary United States Marine Corps Raider Stiletto of WW II.  This sleek and durable dagger while holding to the overall design of the original knife takes advantage of a full tang design, injection molded handles, and modern SK5 steel. It is delivered with a knife specific injection molded sheath for a secure carry and protection. This is a dagger that any Marine or soldier would be proud to carry into a dangerous situation or raid

This dagger was designed hilt-heavy to lay in the hand reducing the risk of dropping. It has a double-edged blade with stiletto-sharp tip and diamond-shaped cross section, sharpened on both cutting edges all the way to its the oval cross guard. It has a slender symmetrical grip, with a middle convexity. 

The original stiletto hilts were die-cast using zinc aluminum alloy to create the handle but, over time it was discovered that the zinc ions in this alloy tended to leach out, leaving the casting extremely brittle. a result, more than half of the few Raider stilettos still in existence today have very fine hilt cracks or entire portions of the hilt missing, with pieces having simply flaked off; many more have replacement handles. Therefore, we chose a full tang design with durable injection molded handles.


Blade steel: SK5
Blade length: 178 mm
Blade thickness: 4.8 mm

HRC: 58-60 HRC
Handle material: injection molded handle
Total length: 304 mm

Weight: 201 grams

Customer Reviews

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Oliver Ploms
Great great great

Very impressed by the quality of the knife, truly the sharpest knife out of the box I've ever received, and I have lots of knives 🫣. The sheath is very great and fully ambidextrous.
Dealing with knifeaddict is always a very pleasant experience and their customer service is just amazing 👍

Dmitry Balashov
Gutes Exemplar für Sammler

The concept is originated from the Fairbairn–Sykes fighting knife but the design is quite original.
Sharpening angle 25° (per side)
Blade made of SK 5 carbon steel with 57-58 HRC
My subjective assessment.
Exact tooling and a very good overall quality
Weight of ca. 200 g and a form factor, which is inherited from the Fairbairn–Sykes fighting knife, enables a good maneuverability of the knife
Good balancing for fencing
A pistol grip notch enables better tactile and reduces slipping
A nice small ricasso
Rounded guard for safe handling
A tiny tip is subjected to be broken
A hand made sharpening is a bit asymmetric at the tip
A rectangle formed handle is quite good for the hammer grip but is not optimal for fencing