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Toor Knives

Toor Knives Valor Mojave

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We are pleased to be part of the Toor Knives family and to now be able to offer the products in the EU.

Ever since weapons were made from metal, blades have found their place in the hands of warriors during conflict. Although designs have changed over the years, the infantry knife has a rich and historic history in the military, evolving from its origins as a tool for close combat to an essential weapon for soldiers in the trenches.

Inspired by this far-reaching and illustrious history, we are honored to introduce the Valor. This blade is an updated version of the infantry knife, incorporating new materials and advanced manufacturing techniques from Toor Knives for the next generation of fighters.

Designed specifically to equip frontline military personnel, the Valor incorporates a range of features that reflect the changing demands of modern warfare. Whether used as a weapon or for cutting and breaking, this knife is an essential tool designed specifically for today's warriors.

With an overall length of 10.875", a blade thickness of .1875" and a weight of 9.3 oz, the Valor is an incredibly sturdy, effective and versatile tool for use. The Valor is designed with our War Wedge™ breaker on the back of the knife for blunt force when breaking through or splitting. The G10 handle is carved in a 3D radial pattern that creates a bulge in the center to add mass to the handle.

The extra high flat grind of the CPM-3V blade merges seamlessly into the wedge grind and results in a reinforced tip. The blade is assembled with our custom-machined 303 stainless steel fittings and features a folding FlexTech KYDEX® sheath.

Each Valor is manufactured entirely in San Diego, California by our experienced and talented manufacturing team.


Blade steel: CPM 3V
Blade length: 140 mm
Blade thickness: 4.7 mm

HRC: 59-61 HRC
Handle material: G10
Total length: 276 mm

Weight: 263 grams

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