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TOPS Knives

TOPS Knives Sky Marshall Tanto Point

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A special mission expert officer Allen Garcia has been a police officer in Middletown, RI since 1988. Prior to that, he served as a Sergeant in the US Army's 82nd airborne division. He has been assigned to both departments as regionalized SWAT teams since 1991 and is a member of the NTOA (National Tactical Officers Assoc.) and IALEFI.

Portions of his testing and review included:

The cutting edge features three deep serrated cutting surfaces at its base which, combined with its razor sharp, dual grind, Tanto blade give it excellent cutting capabilities.

The handle is configured to allow for a very secure grip. I found that the traction I could attain when gripping the knife in a standard hammer type grip was absolutely outstanding. Once you get this knife in your hand it is, for the most part, there to stay.

Kydex belt sheath is void of any retaining devices but, is molded to the knife and provides excellent retention and flash fast drawing capabilities. It is nimble and easy to manipulate. I drove the knife through the tops of 55 gallon drums with nothing more than cosmetic damage. I liked this knife and found no obvious flaws with its design.

This is an excellent knife for the police officer or soldier who is looking for a super tough, dependable knife that is not overly large or cumbersome.



Blade steel: 1095
Blade length: 111 mm
Blade thickness: 6.3 mm

HRC: 56-58 HRC
Handle material: Black G10
Total length: 241 mm

Weight: 330 grams

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