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Ulticlip XL

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The patented Ulticlip is used to securely carry knife sheaths, gun holsters and other equipment on the waistband or pocket hem. The ingenious all-steel construction allows it to be put on or taken off easily, with maximum reliability and holding power.

In addition to being worn in the waistband or on the hem of pockets, the slightly wider Ulticlip XL can also be worn under belts up to 38 millimeters wide and offers a screwdriver and several hex keys in the removable closure tab. Two holes and two slots for holding sheaths and holsters. Delivery without screws.



  • Ulticlip
  • 8.88 cm
  • USA
  • Black
  • stainless steel


    Blade steel:
    Blade length: mm
    Blade thickness: mm

    HRC: HRC
    Handle material:
    Total length: mm

    Weight: grams

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